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Waterproof Oxford Convertible Roll-Top Anti-Theft Backpack

This Waterproof Oxford Convertible Rolltop Anti Theft Backpack is a dynamic school or casual daypack bag imbued with innovative modern features that results in its commodious streamlined build. The roomy fully fabric lined main interior compartment and additional zipped pocket provisions, make this the perfect bag to store and tote your 15.6-inch laptop plus your 9-inch tablet, wallet, books, cellphone, other daily essentials and a change of clothing. The rolltop flap secured by snap buckles on both ends provides a very safe and reliable flap closure that seals and secures your valuables in. This feature makes it hard for thieves to get access to your valuables, but convenient for you because when spread open the mouth is wide and accommodating.

  • Dimensions (depth x length x width): 18 x 11 x 5.9" (46 x 29 x 14.8 cm)
  • Capacity is about 20Litres of content volume
  • Features multi zipped interior and exterior compartment, pockets and slots provisions 
  • Secured by high-end resilient and reliable zipper closures
  • Wide-mouthed backpack best for weekend dates, shopping, school and as an everyday grab and carry bag
  • Comfortable and convenient air cushion belt strap and soft loop handle carrying system 
  • Made of premium quality waterproofed crease resistant jacquard oxford

Grab your own durable waterproof convertible rolltop anti-theft backpack now, the high-density oxford fabric is capable of resisting moisture and water, your important personal essentials will be safe inside even when a sudden rain comes. Easy to clean because dust, sand, and dirt cannot easily seep into the fabric. You can look your best when you ooze confidence and competence, which can be easily achieved with this backpack on your back.