Our Artisan Canvas Backpacks has an interesting story about its origin. This story is not specific to this collection but about other backpacks as well. Do you know that the very first backpack was developed by Dick Kelty in the United States in the year 1951? The original design and purpose of Kelty’s backpacks were inspired by his hiking buddy who made wooden supports for his rucksack and inserted them into his trousers pockets, which transferred most of the bag’s weight to his hips. It has only one purpose and structure and that is; per definition of Dick Kelty’s original backpack design, a large bag that you use to carry heavy loads on your back, the most efficient and convenient way to carry gears during camping, hiking or trekking trips.

Backpacks are called many names like; pack, packsack, knapsack, and rucksack. In 1967 Kelty’s original backpack design was revolutionized by Greg Lowe since then backpacks never stopped evolving. Designs, materials, and purpose went through so many changes that resulted into a wide range of versions today in style, design, materials, sizes, and structure. Today backpacks are not only used on camping and trekking trips but also as convenient carry-all for our everyday essentials while also becoming a thing of fashion. We are proud to say that like our other collections at the site this artisan canvas backpacks collection is versatile. It has a wide range of different; casual, stylish, classic, vintage and bohemian inspired looks and designs like; Floral Retro, Travels Casual, Stylish Small, Convertible Crossbody, Big Capacity Travel and many more. Choose one or two variants as your take anywhere bag and coordinate it with any trendy casual or business outfit you stashed for specific occasions. You will not look out of place with the pop of color contributed by one of these backpacks, because each is designed by skilled artisans to contribute chic, sophistication and elegance.

Ring To Perfection is keen on our curation mission, so fashionable people like you can conveniently shop for hard to find unique items in one store. With 1 or 2 of our Artisan Canvas Backpacks, you cannot go wrong on your choices because you always have something ready for any surprise party or event. You will love every unique item because these backpacks were crafted by experts to high standards using premium quality materials. We’re sure one item from this collection will be added to your wishlist and will make you interested to browse some more of our available collections.