Blessed by Tibetan monks, these lucky red string bracelets will bring good fortune, protection, happiness, and balance to everyone. 

In many religious sects but most significantly in Buddhism, these red string bracelets have always served many purposes. In spiritual as well as physical symbolism these red strings are used in many ways to remind people to confer support, help, and love to others around them. Today these lucky red strings in the form of good fortune lucky red strings bracelets have started a revolution. It is now an icon for a modern-day movement implementing its' age-old traditions across the globe; spreading the good fortune of compassion, love, and protection to people in need of these wishes of good lucks. Membership in this movement doesn't need to be official though; anyone can join the movement by wearing one and giving one away as a gift to wish someone good luck.

Having seen these red strings on the wrists of famous people have you ever wondered how these beliefs become connected with the red string bracelet? The red string since ancient times was believed to bring love, compassion, courage, protection, good luck, and knowledge of how to rule the tongue allowing wearers to be mindful of the damage the tongue can cut. The power the red string wields are so powerful and encompassing it becomes a symbolic charm for wishes of good fortune.

When people know about the power of the red string they want to own all the blessings it can convey and the same time conveys the same to others, the movement then spread. Be one with the movement now, wear our lucky red string bracelets on the left hand to keep it closest to your heart! Browse our collection and when you found the model that sparked an inspiration, get your loved one's size by tying a string on your left hand, ensure it fits comfortably and order your matching pair.