Intelligent Thermometer Stainless Steel Mood Ring [4 Colors]

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This Intelligent Thermometer Stainless Steel Mood Ring has a casual sporty fashion design and is highly suitable for daily use. Crafted with premium grade materials optimized for its main purpose as the perfect ring to support our personal efforts to go through any stressful situations without constantly burdening others. A state of the art, waterproof, classic band provided with a high-resolution liquid crystal thermometer that displays baseline temperature readings all the time while you're wearing it on your finger. Extremely helpful for learning to catch stress; when and how, before it causes discomfort. It will also put the power of when and how to relax and ease your panic attacks at your fingertips!

  • Surface width: 0.31" (8mm)
  • High-grade non-tarnish stainless steel
  • Ultra touch and heat sensitive liquid crystal
  • Fun and playful substitute for a wedding band or as a couple ring
  • Touch and watch the temperature readings display come up in digital numbers
  • No batteries required

This thermometer ring can be a soothing tool, a great aid in achieving relaxation. A piece of useful jewelry that can also add accent to your natural fashion flare. Interactive and intelligent enough to display an accurate baseline temperature reading by wearing it on your finger, on any weather condition. Get two and give one away as a gift. Any purchases of 2 or more products We Ship Free of Shipping and Handling Fee.