Prayer boxes, sometimes called wish boxes, are small amulet containers that can be worn as a pendant. Prayer boxes usually contain a written prayer, wishes, desires or a sacred mantra diagram. Think about what you want to put inside your prayer box pendant necklaces! Writing your desires and wishes gives them more energy and increase the chances of it coming true! Also, when you write your prayers, put them in a present tense, declaring that your prayers will come true!

Ring to Perfection's SIlver Prayer Box Necklaces collection is delicately designed and artistically crafted by experienced artisans from premium quality silver! Each silver prayer box necklaces are meticulously crafted to a high degree of breathtaking precision for any occasion! Whether your prayers are for your family, friends, or yourself, know that God or a Higher Being is already actively working to answer your prayers! Wear your own prayer box necklace every day and start working hard to achieve what you prayed for as well.