In this age of modern technology, man has not yet completely lost his connection to the wilderness. Science correlates it with man's genetic makeup, our DNA retaining its memory of our origins. The reason why we have sudden urges to let loose of our wild side, to go explore the untamed parts of the world. However, our innate fashion sense is also influenced by our genetic memory. Since time immemorial it dictates that no matter how you rough it is out there, you have to still be the best version of yourself. Ring to Perfection's collection of state-of-the-art ergonomic Tactical Belts will make sure you are appropriately equipped to face the brutish challenges of untamed landscapes and vegetations, as well as the confusing demands of the urban jungle.

Nothing can beat a well-prepared knight in shining armor. Although you will not be rescuing any distressed damsel, you will be forging paths. Our tactical duty belts are finely-detailed, utilitarian and flexible, a must-have accessory to wear every day on your communion with the universe. The collection range is extensive with no less than Airsoft Utility, Parachute-grade Outdoor, Camo Nylon, Emergency Rescue, Loop-lined Operator and many more to choose from that will cover any challenges to your sexy machismo and urbane dynamism.

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