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Wearing rings on the toes are all the rave these days. In fact, "Toe Rings Near Me" is one of the most googled phrases in today's internet world. These rings are often made out of metals and non-metals. The best part is it can be worn on any of the toes - although it is most commonly worn on the second toe of either foot.  

A lot of people usually correlate these rings and ankles. Rings like this can be worn as a fashion statement. These are usually worn with barefoot sandals or flip-flops, too. Some believe that fitted toe rings have special elements that help in health-related issues. These elements are believed to help stimulate pressure points in the big toes, which in turn helps control appetite.

Others also claim that these rings help the body relax and allow the muscles to work more efficiently when worn on the toes. Although there is still no solid science or data that supports this belief for weight-loss. In some countries, like India, barefoot anklets, and toe rings historically have been worn by girls and women for centuries. It has been part of the Indian culture for centuries. Nowadays, these rings are sold in gold, silver, and even diamonds. Check out our gallery for our whole toe ringscollection.