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Those of us who are used to wearing regular house slippers all year through would be thoroughly tickled by the idea of cozy non-skid winter slippers. We all know that there are shoes for every season because different times of the year have different weathers. Who would wear a light and airy canvas shoes outside on icy cold winter nights? We have rubber boots for wet seasons, cushioned and padded snow boots for snow seasons and light airy canvas and fabric shoes for the dry seasons. With slippers, we wear them inside the house so it doesn't matter if its the same slipper we wear year in and year out because it will be forever dry inside.

With our thermal winter slippers, you would know the difference! These semi-booties which have upper structures that cover part of the ankles, as well as the top of your foot make all the difference. The level of warmth and comfort of the insides of these slippers which are cushion padded, ultra-soft and waterproof are incomparable, many of you would think why haven't you found out about these sooner.

Those who have tried these slippers said their pair will most likely make them want these kinds of snug cozy comfort for the rest of their lives. It stays on the foot and doesn’t slip and slide as they walk. The soles are crafted and structured to support the spine and the heel with enough cushion and traction to absorb shock pressure of hard floors and prevent you from accidentally skidding. The perfect footwear for those who have walking and back issues. Browse RTP's collection to see the different classic leather winter slippers style we have collected for you. You don't need to look elsewhere because we got the bests of the best here ready for you.