Classic Moon and Star Bracelet

Size Guide

This limited edition braceletfeatures the one-of-a-kind Moon and Star seed. The Moon and Star seed beads feature the infinite number stars of the of the universe symbolizing Starseed's faraway home. This bracelet is designed with a twirl-patterned charm showing the pattern of the different galaxies.

  • Stretchable
  • Genuine Wooden Beads
  • Not available in local stores

Learn more about the common characteristics of a Starseed and uncover your true nature.

  • You're an old soul.
  • Exceptional vivid dreams.
  • Always had trouble sleeping.
  • Regardless of education or social stature, you feel morally superior to others.
  • You have an overwhelming sense of empathy.
  • Incredibly intelligent, easily bored by traditional academics.
  • Have experienced paranormal or psychic activity: seeing or feeling a ghost, hearing other’s thoughts, or dreaming things that became a reality.
  • You know you have a purpose or mission to fulfill, but struggling in finding what you want to do with your life.
  • Feels isolated from your own family.
  • Animals trust you and are naturally drawn to you.
  • You can feel who people are without them ever saying a word, know when they are lying.
  • Have a penchant for metaphysics, science, outer space, stars, and science fiction
  • From a young age, you questioned the ways of society and feels perplexed why people don’t see its mistakes.
  • You have a natural ability to make others feel better – whether through medicine or your words. 
  • People’s sees you as aloof or cold, but that changes when they get to know you and starts seeing you as the most loving people that they know.
  • You try to large crowds. It is hard for you to mingle with a huge crown, even friends. 
  • Have a deep interest in spirituality
  • You are artistic, sensitive, and highly conscious

The moon-and-star seeds come from an Areca palm or rattan plant. When these seeds are dried they are fairly light in weight and tend to be larger, a different color tone and slightly irregular. This popular bracelet is also adorned with other wood beads, barrel crystal quartz and antique brass fly tying beads. It has durable rope stretch connected to the lace-up clasp.

Get yours now and give the order one to another lonely being to make them happy!