7 Awareness Ceramic Color String Bracelets [Sets of 2]

Our lucky strings bracelets now bring more than luck and good fortune to the wearer but also tell the world what good cause you are advocating for.

  1. SPREAD COMPASSION LUCKY RED STRING which many celebrities wear. Wearing this red ceramic string bracelet means, you are part of a special group of people who pledge to Spread Love and Positivity Awareness to the world via the auspicious good fortune and positive vibes this red string bracelet brings.
  2. BREAST CANCER AWARENESS PINK STRING is more than just a cute accessory. This bracelet is made with an unwavering goal in mind: to give support to all victims of Breast Cancer. And help spread Breast Cancer Awareness. 
  3. VIOLENCE AWARENESS WHITE STRING means you pledge to help end all forms of violence by supporting the spread of Violence Awareness which according to studies about 70% of women experience. Physical & sexual abuse from a partner and more if we count the verbal and emotional abuse from strangers more popularly known as bullying. 
  4. WILDLIFE AWARENESS BLACK STRING advocate for the increasing awareness on the deteriorating states of all kinds of wildlife and their natural habitat. As a Wildlife Awareness bracelet, this will show the world you advocate to help mitigate the diminishing diversity of the world's vast flora and fauna.
  5. OCEAN CLEAN-UP AWARENESS DEEP BLUE STRING is our way of extending help to the much-needed cleanup of our oceans in line with the Ocean Clean-up Awareness advocacy. Colored blue to mimic the originally stunning azure of the deep seas composing 72% of our planet and the largest bodies of water. 
  6. PROSTATE CANCER AWARENESS LIGHT BLUE STRING is for someone who supports all the men and their health with Prostate Cancer Awareness advocacy. Colored light blue symbolizing trust, loyalty, and faith.
  7. ENVIRONMENTAL AWARENESS GREEN STRING is specially made to spread Environmental Awareness about the degrading state of the environment, particularly forests. Handmade and colored green, this meaningful bracelet is a great way to show you care about the planet.

All come in sets of 2 and have adjustable lengths. We have the following sizes in stock today:

  • 6.2" (16cm) to 7.1" (18cm)
  • 7.1" (18cm) to 7.9" (20cm)
  • 7.9" (20cm) to 8.7" (22cm)
  • 8.7" (22cm) to 9.4" (24cm)

Our string bracelets are made from durable rope with ceramic beads for easy locking purposes. This Ring to Perfection exclusive is made of100% eco-friendly materials and not available in stores. The unique artsy design of the two ceramic beads which act as closure lock adds another symbolic power to the string bracelet. 

These bracelets can be a great gift for anyone who knows the importance of living clean and green by cleaning up the ocean. Also for those who advocate for breast and prostate cancer, anti-violence, self-validation, and spreading love and positivity.