7 Chakra Tree Of Life Charm Bracelet [2 Variants]

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Live your life to the fullest and balance your chakras with this 7 Chakra Tree Of Life Charm bracelet. Bearing the seven colors that represent the energetic centers in our body, this will guide you in aligning your energy flow resulting in a long well-lived life. Representing the Turiya, the Aum Charm also reminds you to relax and take a break to achieve infinite consciousness.

  • Length: 7.2" or 18.5 cm
  • 100% high-quality materials used
  • Not sold in stores

Embark on your journey with this one on and you will surely not be disappointed. Made of natural crystal stones held together by a high-quality rope this never fails you when it comes to durability. Its design and pattern also bring your style to a higher level. So get yours now and take that quantum leap of faith! Get two or more now to avail FREE WORLDWIDE SHIPPING!