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Active Leisure Sports Metallic Silicone Ring [Set of 7]

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Our Active Leisure Sports Metallic Silicone Ring Set is a collection of 7 tough, durable, highly resilient rings for men who work jobs where metal rings can be dangerous to wear. The types who want to always wear their wedding bands to show the rest of the world that they are committed to loving only one woman. 

  • Dimensions: ( surface width ):  0.314" ( 8mm )
  • Premium grade heat resistant and non-conductive silicone material
  • Streamlined structure crafted following high precision manufacturing standard
  • With an expensive looking high-grade metallic finish which looks as good as metal rings at a considerable distance
  • Non-fading scratch resistant and able to withstand pressure for up to 35lbs without breaking

Get this sporty silicone ring set for your man who you know deals with a lot of tough decisions and into dangerous jobs, which demand the use of their hands most of the time. It's made of silicone but will not look too different from metal rings. Place your order now and enjoy our Free Shipping premium!