Adjustable Romantic Heart Mood Ring

Size Guide

Stop guessing what she feels and buy her this Adjustable Romantic Heart Mood Ring. You will never go wrong in trying to match her mood by being guided by the color of the heart-shaped center crystal that is embedded in a white gold electroplated adjustable band.

  • 100% made fo high-quality materials
  • A modern take on an understated ring
  • Casual and hip

The secret of men since its creation in the mid 70's, the crystal changes color based on the temperature of the finger which correlates to the emotion of the bearer. The color shift is not a result of an abracadabra but a carefully studied technology. Its molecular structure reacts to the warmth and coldness resulting in a change of the reflected or absorbed colors. The pink-red-purple shades mean happiness and relaxation while the darker tones of orange, green, and black represent distress, confusion, and depression. Choose to make her happy, tell us the right size and we'll customize it for you! Get two or more of the ring to get our FREE WORLDWIDE SHIPPING!