Simple Knotted Nautical Braid Rope Bracelet Set

This handmade nautical braided cord bracelet is made of premium grade high-quality marine rope cord with a durable but smooth texture. Comfortable to wear but don't easily fray or break off due to wear and tear. This bracelet has another purpose besides enhancing your fashion. It can be unraveled from its simple lock knot closure, then used as a backup string during camping or any outdoor activity it will be needed as additional anchor rope for tents, to tie together pieces of stuff for handling or carrying convenience or many others which a string or rope will be highly useful. 

  • Adjustable length with its simple slide lock knot closure
  • Amazing attractive cuff bracelet design that is easy to put on and take off
  • 100% cotton fiber nautical climbing rope cord perfect for easy to moist wrist
  • Highly efficient purely hand-braided workmanship
  • Fusion of classic and modern fashion perfect for those who wish to stand out in the crowd
  • Highly suitable as a friendship bracelet memorabilia
  • Long lasting eye-catching not easy to fade Black, Red, Blue wax coated color

This is one of RTP's bracelet sets that customers can benefit more with purchases. Some sets give 2 bracelets for the price of one. With this set, you'll get three attractive eye-catching cord bracelets for the price of one. Buy 2 sets to save more because We Will Handle the Shipping Fee for you. We offer this premium to any purchase that costs $30 or more.