Adventure Skull Buckle Weaved Paracord Survival Bracelet [3 Variants]

Our Adventure Skull Buckle Weaved Paracord Survival Bracelet is a state of the art survival bracelet and is extremely handy in times of emergencies. Famous adventure enthusiasts use this kind of rope as first aid to stop bleeding, extra rope to bundle tents and other exigencies during outdoor adventures and camping activities. This bracelet can be unraveled into a life-saving rope to a length of 3.6 meters. Not only is this bracelet equipped with potential powers to save lives but it is also high in the aesthetic appeal.
  • High-end vintage rustic style stainless steel skull 
  • Tension weaved premium quality non-fray paracord rope
  • Extremely secure non-tarnish non-fading high-grade buckle  

Rock this survival bracelet in your camping and outdoor adventures and look ever ready to face emergencies with a badass attitude boosted by its rouge appeal. When you get yours now and another 1 to give as a gift so not only you are ever ready but also your adventure buddy, We Will Ship It To You For Free as a bonus.