Anne Russell Honeysuckle Opal Wedding Ring [3 Colors]

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Celebrate the beauty of Spring no matter what season it is with this Anne Russel Honeysuckle opal Wedding Ring. The small white Opal rocks that serve as it petals are sprinkled with different pale Spring colors that shine more brightly when exposed to light. The carpel of the flower is a crystal and its stamens are the metal prongs that hold it together. 

  • Well-thought design
  • Made from durable materials
  • Carefully handcrafted
  • Gentle on the skin

This dainty ring's childlike innocence is further appreciated with its white gold electroplated band that has been fashioned from reliable metals. The three crystals on one side and the smooth mirror polished other gives it an asymmetric silhouette. This comes in pink and blue colors too, check and buy what's best for you.