Anti-Glass-Fog Simple Lightweight Face Guard [5 Colors]

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This reusable mask comes with a filter valve that can effectively filter dust and carbon. It is crafted from ultra-soft non-woven fabric making it highly comfortable when worn. In addition, it is extremely lightweight.

But what's great about it is its one-way exhalation valve that automatically opens and closes. People who wear glasses will benefit greatly from this as it prevents glasses from fogging. In addition, the valve features 5 layers of PM2.5 activated carbon filter ensuring that it successfully filters out gas, smogs, pollen, and other small particles.

  • Lightweight cotton fabric
  • 5-layers of activated carbon filter
  • Anti-fog
  • Adjustable ear loops fitting all face shapes and sizes

With an expert seamstress perfectly cutting each part of the mask, we assure you it will fit and completely cover your nose and chin while naturally following its angles. Get this mask today!