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Antique Amulets Sandalwood Beads Bracelet

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Sandalwood is a popular material used for making Mala beads. The soothing fragrance of the sandalwood essence stimulates consciousness and aids in calming the mind, seeing past lives, clairvoyance, protection, healing, and clearing. Today Mala beads like the ones in this Antique Amulets Sandalwood Beads Bracelet have become part of fashion to enhance good looks and boost confidence while harnessing for the wearer all the good fortune it can attract.

  • Adjustable highly resilient copper colored rope string chain
  • Attractive faultless vintage symbolic engravings
  • Hign-end non-tarnish high-grade fine hollow metal beads filled with sandalwood beads implants
  • Reliable tension mounted pull string lock closure that can adjust the length of the bracelet to make it suitable for any size of wrist
Designed to be worn by both men and women, you can order this lucky sandalwood beads bracelet in 2 variants to match with your loved one and enhance the purity of your intentions and guide you to view with clarity the future.