Aquamarine March Birthstone White Gold Ring

Size Guide

Bring the sky and sea together with this Aquamarine March Birthstone Ring. You wouldn't need to be born on March to show your youthful glow with this ring. Being the color of water it is the hue of eternal life. The bands are inlaid with square cut aquamarine gems and diamond cut white stones. These bands interlock and present a flowy impression of the waves and the sky it represents.

  • Carefully handcrafted
  • Unique banded silhouette
  • Enchanting

A symbol of hope and fidelity, this is a perfect band you could get to celebrate not only your birthday but a relationship anniversary as well. The gem inlaid strip that binds the bands together is an emblem of togetherness.Treat yourselves a memento of your long and lasting companionship with this ring.