Arctic Blast Shock Resistant Marble Watch

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This deluxe watch reveals the liberty of artwork through the collection of fantastic workmanship and supreme subtlety. Premium quartz glass window shields the dial and face of the watch due to its versatility and tendency to resist smashing. LIMITED EDITION and not available in stores.

  • 40mm in case diameter, 20mm in bandwidth, 7mm in thickness and 9.44" or 24cm in length
  • Carefully selected high-quality stainless steel and durable watchband
  • Features shock resistant texture and intrinsic design

Excellent allure from the top of the crystal to the base of the case that relaxes beautifully and adjustable buckle that securely wraps around your wrist keep the watch in position. Modified isochronism guarantees that when the watch is taken home it can work flawlessly in various circumstances.

Show off your trendsetting style when you wear this exclusive marble timepiece, perfect for a business casual meeting to everyday wear. FREE WORLDWIDE SHIPPING!