Arctic Gyrlfalcon Spire Silver Ring

Size Guide

Deluxe Thai silver blossoms besieging the pinnacle of this LIMITED EDITION ring. Modeled after the largest of the falcon species in the high Arctic, the gyrfalcon is recognized from the peregrine by the cream streaks on the crown and a well-defined malar cap. This lavish jewelry is crafted from the most sumptuous silver with supreme artistry relative to falcon's inherent nature of plummeting at breathtaking speeds and flying at high altitude.

  • Measures 40 in surface width, customizable in size genuine silver
  • Meticulously refined and polished
  • Iridescent intrinsic details
  • Tremendously well made and conspicuously dashing
Free the impressive trait of a falcon inside of you with this premium ring, not available in stores. All of our silver rings are crafted to a standard of integrity and quality. Thai silver is extremely scintillating and it conquers the highest percent of the world's jewelry market because of its grandiose class.

Race your style and fly fashion high amidst an overflowing mix of radiance and elegance, this spectacular ornament distinctly brings luster to any look.