Auspicious Pineapple Sai Sin Knot Rope Bracelet

Live in the light of the wholeness of the universe by wearing this Auspicious Pineapple Sai Sin Knot Rope Bracelet. This is a mantra rich bracelet infused with all the individual meanings of each rope color, woven and knotted in the spirit of the Thai Sai Sin tradition to influence all the elements of the universe to conspire to work together in unison.

  • Dimensions:(length):7.08" (16.5cm) 
  • Premium quality longlasting not easy to fray multicolor rope chain
  • High-end premium quality copper and silver string 
  • Non-tarnish high-grade box-with-tongue-and-safety toggle clasp and metal hardware
  • Ideal for couples who work really hard to keep their relationship until eternity

Receive all the luck you need to make your relationship last a lifetime by wearing this auspicious bracelet. Get two to boost the beneficial blessings you will receive. You can wear one and give your partner, sister, or your best friend the other one because it's best to have all our relationships working smoothly; the romantic and the platonic in harmony.