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Beads and Bell Charm Lucky Red Rope Bracelet

The ancient practice of tying knots and weaving red rope strings with beads and charms used in this Beads and Bell Charm Lucky Red Rope Bracelet, infuse this bracelet with tokens of good fortune and luck associated with sexuality and passion for the color red and the coming of wisdom for the silver bell

  • Resilient adjustable length that is comfortable for any sizes of wrists in a cute and romantic vintage rope string and silver beads bracelet style
  • Reliable tension mounted woven not easy to fray rope chain secured by a pull knot lock
  • High-end ultra-fine sterling silver beads and bell charm
  • The perfect accessory that doesn't only confer chic and elegance but also harnesses luck and posterity

Celebrate love or the awakening of a new love through enlightened wisdom by wearing this lucky red string bracelet. Share your good fortune by giving your life partner, mother, sister, brother or best friend a matching pair to your bracelet.