Bejeweled White Gold Ring [5 Colors]

Size Guide

Add shimmer and shine to your day with this Bejeweled White Gold Ring. The gems were carefully and intricately laid in a channel setting that covers the band fully. This gem contests diamonds when it comes to hardness and is a lot denser. It is elegantly romantic with its harmonious colorsmaking it perfect for your wedding day. 

  • Top Notch Materials
  • Bold and Brilliant
  • Simple and Sophisticated
  • Get two for the price of one

Similar to forerunner classic wedding rings, this has is quite thick with an 8mm band. The ring has a comfort fit design that won't irritatethe finger even if worn every day. Since this is a handcrafted ring, precision might vary but the workmanship is astonishing and obviously created by experts. Let it enchant you and those around you.