Black Matte and Wood Beads Bracelet

Express your inner duality of elegance and nature with the Black Matte and Wood Beads Bracelet! The exquisite black matte half of the bracelet embraces your elegant form, and the premium wooden one shows your humbling connection with nature!

  • Length: 7.4" or 19 cm
  • High-Quality Black Matte Beads
  • High-Grade Wood Beads

The matching kinds of beads of this bracelet each tell a part of your personality. The black beads give you that regal, elite feel that's graceful and neat, and the wood beads let you sense a strong attachment to the modesty embodied by nature. The Black Matte and Wood Beads Bracelet let you come on strong and pull back meek at the same time! Get two or more and enjoy FREE WORLDWIDE SHIPPING!