Titanium Color-changing Mood Rings [4 Colors]

Size Guide

Express your mood and live your life with this Titanium Mood Ring. Popularized in the 70's this design is at the forefront of this ring's 21st-century popularity. It's a sign of your passion for personal development and shows your true mood at any time: 

➡️ Blue - Normal, Optimistic, Accepting, Calm, Peaceful, Pleasant 😊
➡️ Black - Fear, Nothing, Serious, Overworked, Depressed, Intense 😪
➡️ Pink - Very Happy, Warm, Affectionate, Loving, Infatuated, Curious 😋
➡️ Yellow - Anxious, Cool, Cautious, Distracted, Mellow, So-So 😶
➡️ Violet-Burgandy - Love, Romance, Mischievous, Dreamer 😍
➡️ Orange - Stressed, Nervous, Confused, Upset, Challenged 😣
➡️ Blue-Green - Upbeat, Pleased, Relaxed, Motivated, Flirtatious 😏
➡️ Green-Peridot - Mixed Emotions, Restless, Distressed, Hopeful 😕
➡️ Indigo-Darker Blue - Relaxed, Happy, Lovestruck, Bliss, Giving 😆
➡️ Green-Light Green - Normal, Alert, Sensitive, Jealous, Guarded 😟

The band made from high-quality titanium together with the strip that changes color constructed from time-tested crystals with a protective coating makes this a long-lasting piece. The band is electroplated with black, yellow gold, rose gold, and silver that you could choose from depending on your style. It has a smoothly polished interior and exterior providing comfort in every use. Buy one for you and one for your partner to get FREE WORLDWIDE SHIPPING!