Blessed Promise Gold Charm String Bracelet Set [Set of 2]

The universal symbolism of the circle or round shape is diverse but in essence, it is the symbol of wholeness, totality, original perfection, timelessness, the infinite, the Self, eternity and all cyclic movement. Our Blessed Promise Gold Charm String Bracelet Set with a round/circle charm promises to bless the wearer all of these essential graces.

  • A premium handcrafted charmed string bracelet, one of the variant models of the red string bracelet 
  • Made of high-end non-fading braided rope string with a long-lasting naturally waxed finish, making it strong and resilient enough to hold the provided lace-up closure 
  • Superior quality coated non-tarnish metal charm and mild dew resistant rope string 
  • Suitable as a couple, mother daughter or friendship bracelet 

A popular giftable idea that will be effective in conveying your love and thoughtfulness. Get 2 sets now, one to give away to bless someone dear to your heart with completeness.