Blue Geometric Diamond Lucky Charm Rope Bracelet

Get help in achieving clarity of mind and convey compassion with this Thai good luck charm bracelet. The pink colored rope is associated by Thai Sai Sin to compassion and the blue diamond colored engraving of the charm depicts purity, together these two has symbolism powers to remove negative energies and purify you to take on fresh energy to love. 

  • Dimension: (length): (16.5cm)
  • Premium high-grade engraved Thai silver symbolic charm
  • Superior tension mounted hand woven not easy to fray silk rope secured with a box-with-tongue-and-safety toggle clasp

You can start receiving these Sai Sin blessings sooner by placing your order now for Geometric Lucky Wealth Charm Braided Rope Bracelet. Welcoming a new love with a peaceful mind shouldn't be made to wait longer.