Bohemian Vajra Bell Charm Braided Rope Bracelet

The Vajra bell is the most important ritual instrument for Buddhists priests andrarely does a Tibetan practitioner gets separated from this instrument. The Dorje and Bell representing indivisible wisdom and compassion should be carried at all times and should not be separated in order to attract all the benefits of its good fortune.

  • Dimensions: (length: 16.5cm)
  • Highly resilient tension mounted braided and knotted multi-colored rope chain
  • High-grade non-tarnish stainless steel magnetic clasp
  • Premium non-fading well-crafted Vajra Bell charm 
  • High-end colors and coat finish

Harness the good fortune for pure intentions and high wisdom by wearing this lucky Vajra bell bracelet. The world will be a better place to live in if all of us listen to our inner wisdom first before we act on our intentions.