Boho-Chic Beaded Bracelets [Set of 4]

Get yourself into the bohemian mood and look with the Boho-Chic Beaded Bracelets! These bracelets exude the very essence of boho-chic and soak it deeply into your style, giving you that runway-model bohemian appeal!

  • Size: {...}
  • Premium Colored Beads
  • Exquisite Boho Tassels and Pendant
  • A Set of Four Bracelets

These bracelets are the epitome of casual beauty, keeping you in style even at your most relaxed state. The easygoing and fashion-forward appeal of these bracelets makes your best appearance look effortlessly dashing. The Boho-Chic Beaded Bracelets are the set of necklaces that you would be amiss not to have! Get two sets or more and enjoy FREE WORLDWIDE SHIPPING!