Boxer Belcher Hook Silver Chain Luxury Bracelet

This vibrant bracelet features the Belcher chain that's made of premium silver. It is an identical chain with a thick link, perfectly molded and polished to achieve a glossy texture, designed by the finest silversmiths. LIMITED EDITION and not available in stores.

  • High-quality silver chain 
  • Size: 7.08"  - 8.66" or 18cm - 22cm
  • Extremely tenacious secure safety hook clasp

Featuring Karen Hill Tribe Silver, this luxurious silver bracelet is lighter than Bali and Sterling silver. It is adored for its brilliant radiance and high silver content. It is made of 98% silverwhich makes it a perfect jewelry for people with skin allergy. Belcher chain originated in Britain in the 18th century and was named after the famous bare-knuckle boxer Jem Belcher who was the Champion of All England from 1800 to 1805. An exclusive bracelet that enhances your overall look and gives volume to your fashion style.