Celestial Bodies Natural Stone Pendant Necklace [2 Variants]

Show how much you love astronomy and the planets of the Solar System with the Celestial Bodies Natural Stone Pendant Necklace! Natural stones represent our gorgeous neighbor-planets and the most beautiful sun hangs prettily on the center!

  • Length: 20" or 51 cm
  • Premium natural stones that represent each planet
    • Mercury - Howlite
    • Venus - Tiger eye
    • Earth - Lan vena agate
    • Mars - Orange agate
    • Jupiter - Brown agate
    • Saturn - Matte map
    • Uranus - Cyan regalite
    • Neptune - Frosty agate
    • Pluto - Brown stone
    • Space - Hematite beads

This necklace compresses our entire spatial neighborhood into an exquisite package of natural stones and hematite beads. Each stone accurately portrays the charms of each planet and the sun centerpiece is equally stunning! This is also more than a necklace since you can also wear it as a wrap bracelet! This necklace is the pretty lovechild of the mystical beauty of space and natural stones, the perfect fashion statement of science!