Chakra Healing Lava Stone Essential Oil Diffuser Bracelet

Size Guide

Handmade to perfection, this chakra healing bracelet features lava stone beads and natural healing stones. Lava stones are naturally porous making it an ideal oil diffuser for avid oilers.

Each natural stone brings excellent benefits of healing, positive energy, peace of mind, balance, healing, protection, and strength.

  • Go for Amethyst if you are looking for an intense spiritual healing and growth.
  • Soothe all your fear and anxiety with Citrine
  • For a calmer and more relaxed meditation, Aventurine is the key. It is known to bring stability to the mind and regarded for its calming effects on anger and irritation.
  • Looking for courage and confidence? Wear Red Jasper and it will give you what you want while replenishing your energy
  • Achieve harmony and balance to your body, mind, and soul with Agate. It also effectively gets rid of all negativities.
  • Lavastone beads are perfect to use for diffusing essential oils

A perfect bracelet for spiritually-inclined people who wants to take relaxation up a notch. It is 20cm in length. Wear this throughout the day, smell good, feel highly relaced, and have a positive vibe.

Get a ton of these for you and your zen buddies.