Charming Universe-Inspired Beaded Bracelet

Wear the striking Charming Universe-Inspired Beaded Bracelet every day together with your casual or work clothes! Made from 100% natural stones, known for its healing capabilities, combined with an out-of-this-world design, this bracelet is truly a dream-come-true for all aspiring astronauts out there!

  • Length: 7" or 18.5cm
  • Stones: 
    • Black brown sand - Blackhole
    • Blue sand - Universe
    • Red agate - Sun
    • Picture - Mercury
    • Gold sand - Venus
    • Lan ven - Earth
    • Moonstone - Earth's moon
    • Red tiger eye - Mars
    • Tiger eye - Jupiter
    • Labradorite - Saturn
    • Cyan agate - Uranus
    • Blue agate - Neptune
    • Obsidian - Pluto
  • Unisex

The beaded bracelet has 13 unique stones with intricate designs, representing the 9 planets and other celestial bodies, connected by a strong stretchable band! Feel the power of the universe coursing through your veins by wearing the universe around your wrist today! Buy two or more of the Charming Universe-Inspired Beaded Bracelet to enjoy our FREE WORLDWIDE SHIPPING!