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Chic Tassel Chain Sunglasses Strap [19 Variants]

Combining the lively and eye-catching colors with practicality, the Chic Tassel Chain Sunglasses Strap is armed with cuteness and vivacious style that would look great with any eyewear!

  • Length: 27.5" or 70 cm
  • Sturdy chain 
  • Vibrant colors and design

Made from only premium grade materials, this eyeglasses strap is crafted by expert artists from scratch to achieve an exclusive yet rocking look. The eyewear strap has a silicon loop at the end, designed specifically to hold your eyewear to prevent it from slipping or leaving a mark on your eyewear! Buy two or more of the Chic Tassel Chain Sunglasses Strap today, and you get FREE WORLDWIDE SHIPPING!