Chinese Hand Knitted Rope Lucky Knot Bracelet

The origin of the art of knot tying can be traced back through history to many decades ago. Colored strings and different ways of tying knots were once used for communication and sending off a good fortune to someone who is embarking on a journey. This Chinese Hand Knitted Rope Lucky Knot Bracelet with the red, gold, silver and black colored strings and its featured endless knot can channel good wisdom and courage. This also harnesses positive energy beneficial towards connecting to nature and life longevity.

  • Adjustable length suitable for various sizes of wrists secure by a toggle clasp
  • High-end long-lasting colors that stay good looking for a long time
  • Tension mounted reliable hand knitted rope string chain highly resistant to tugging

Be trendy and chic with a bracelet that doubles as an accessory and a powerful lucky charm. Buy this Chinese lucky knot bracelet today to begin attracting the good fortune it brings soon, life is less stressful when we are rich in positivity.