Classic Silver Longfeng Bangle Luxury Bracelet

Size Guide

This alluring bracelet features the famous Longfeng design. It symbolizes the dragon and phoenix in Chinese characters, beautifully created by the best silversmiths around the city. LIMITED EDITION, exclusive and not available in stores.

  • Made of premium 925 Thai silver
  • Size: 8"
  • Tremendously well made with a weight of 61g 
  • Authentic Thai Silver
  • Solid and resilient

Fine silver or also known as pure silver contains ninety-nine percent silver purity. It requires effort from extraction to production. Pure silver is rarely found in its native nugget form. After silver is mined, it undergoes electrolysis and amalgamation to be refined into pure silver because most silver exists in ores and is typically combined with other elements. Once pure silver is extracted, our finest silversmiths craft this delicate silver bracelet with intense care and effort due to its soft and malleable nature. Celebrate silver in its supreme beauty and purity with this fine silver bangle!