Colorful Survival Whistle Paracord Bracelets [10 Variants]

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Want to add some color to your paracord bracelet collection? The Colorful Survival Paracord Bracelets With Whistle are secured with premium quality buckle clasps that can handleweight and wear. The colorful nylon threads of these bracelets, when unraveled, can be used for wildlife survival. Originally made for the military, these bracelets are highly-durable and multi-purpose. 

  • Length: 9.84" or 25 cm (1 in = 2.54cm)
  • 100% Brand New
  • Available in 10 different colors
  • Limited Edition
  • Military-grade Nylon
  • Built-in Whistle

Can't find the perfect gift? The Colorful Survival Whistle Paracord Bracelets can never go wrong. With 10 different colors to choose from, the ability to create makeshift shelters, fire, fishing lines, and more, would absolutely make the recipient happy! Add in the whistle to alert people, these are absolutely perfect gifts for boys and girls! Get at least two bracelets and avail our FREE WORLDWIDE SHIPPING