Couple Wedding White Gold Rings Set [2 Colors]

Be in the company of the classics with this Couple Wedding White Gold Ring Set. Nothing ever goes wrong with something that has proven itself an all-time favorite. This ring is the best to bind you for eternity. The men's band is plain in color and unembellished. The women's ring is soldered with a clear crystal on the head that is held by a prong.

  • High Quality
  • Tour de Force
  • Plain and modest
  • Get two for the price of one

The comfort fit cut adds more to the many reasons why this should be the one for you. Unlike decorated rings, this metal band stands on its own. The 12mm thick band would easily be noticed but it goes well with everything you wear since it has a very simple design and won't complicate anything. This also comes with a yellow gold, so choose what's best for you.