Courage and Fortitude Balancing Titanium Ring

The titanium is one of the most abundant elements found in the Earth's crust. As it is one of the main components of the world we live in it has many beneficial properties to our overall healing and energy balance.

  • Non-toxic and highly bio-compatible which makes it suitable to use as medical implants and dental fillings because it doesn't cause allergic reactions
  • High weight to strength ratio; much lighter but much stronger than gold, silver and even steel 
  • High tensile strength makes it highly capable of handling more delicate and intricate stone and gems setting  

Medically, titanium has many uses because it is the only foreign material that human tissue will bind to. When worn close to the body as jewelry it is highly capable of harnessing positive energy which the human body can then utilize to counter negative charges produced by extreme pain,thus validating courage and strengthening fortitude to deal with anything life has to deal.