Crema de Marfil Leather Marble Watch

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A premium jewelry that rests sleekly against the wrist, wrapped in brilliance and primed in radiance. The handcrafted genuine leather strap is adjustable for a faultless fit and the safety clasp ensures a secure lock. Coordinate this exclusive watch with any ensemble from casual to vintage wear and showcase a stand out sophisticated style.

  • 40mm in case diameter, 18mm in bandwidth, 7mm in thickness and 9.44" or 24cm in length
  • Made of delicately selected ores
  • Ornately adorned and extremely resilient

The natural distinct scent of leather is soft on nostrils yet so invigorating. Sumptuous, luscious marble allure serenades at the core of the cherished face of this LIMITED EDITION timepiece, not available in stores.

Add a touch of irresistible elegance and timeless milestone to your look with this exquisite watch. FREE WORLDWIDE SHIPPING!