Cute Lucky Cat Friendship Bracelets

In the Japanese and Chinese culture, the lucky cat is extremely popular due to the luck they bring. It is also called maneki-neko in Japanese which literally means "beckoning cat". If you want luck to stay in your special friendships and romantic relationships, this Cute Lucky Cat Friendship Bracelets is perfect for you! 

Carefully handcrafted, these stunning natural stone beaded leopard bracelets sit perfectly beside your watch to complete your daily ensemble. Represent your favorite animal with these leopard bracelets. Below are its unique features:

  • Length: 16cm to 20cm
  • Lucky red or black braided rope
  • Colorful ceramic lucky cat beads
  • Adjustable secure lock

Get one for your and one for your friends or lover! Luck just right around the corner! FREE WORLDWIDE SHIPPING WHEN YOU ORDER 1 FOR YOU AND 1 FOR YOUR FRIEND. This item is not available in stores.