Dashing Dachshund Oil Dog Necklaces [6 Variants]

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Hound-like, short-legged, and long-bodied, Dachshunds are eye-catching sausages that exude unique charm and energy. Our Dashing Dachshund Oil Dog Necklaces are must-haves for a dog lover. To pay homage to amazing Dachshunds, our artists tirelessly handpainted these awesome necklaces!

  • Pendant Size: 38mm x 40mm
  • Length: 20.4" or 52cm 
  • Not available in stores 

Capture the attention of dog lovers everywhere with our Dashing Dachshund Oil Dog Necklaces! Pair with plain tops, let the vibrant colors of these necklaces do the talking! To fully enjoy this wonderful piece of jewelry, we offer FREE SHIPPING WORLDWIDE for purchasing two or more of our Dashing Dachshund Oil Dog Necklaces! Amazing, right? ;)