Dessert Harmony Bohemian Gold Chain Women's Bracelet Set [Set of 4]

This bracelet set is a thoughtful fusion of intricate charms put together by a candid desire to let the wearer flawlessly portray an ageless look of classic elegance. The name Dessert Harmony Bohemian Gold Chain Women's Bracelet Set is an apt salutation to its signature bohemian-inspired motif which will perfectly accent any ensemble it will be paired with. 

  • Crafted to a standard of perfection using superior quality materials befitting a woman's innate finesse
  • High-grade reliable gold box-with-tongue lock
  • High-quality standard tension mount setting
  • Non-tarnish, high-end non-fading fine gold link chain
  • Expensive looking charm bracelets for women 
  • Vintage classic bohemian design that will always look as good as you

Channel your inner urbane hip with any variant of this bohemian gold chain women's bracelet set, a chic accessory item to add to your collection of classic bracelets that always stay in style. Get 2 to twin with your sister or your best friend and become the stars of your next big event. Purchasing 2 will be easy because we have an outstanding Free Worldwide Shipping premium!!