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Dhaula Giri Silver Prayer Box Necklace Pendant

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A classical artistry made of premium sterling silver and inscribed with Tibetan hum grace glory in the Dhaula Giri Silver Prayer Box Necklace Pendant. Sterling silver is tremendously scintillating and it surmounts the highest percent of the world's jewelry market because of its grandiose characteristic.

  • Measures 1 x 0.44" or 26.4 x 11.1mm in dimension
  • Sumptuously embellished and exceptionally functional
  • Limited edition
  • Strikingly brilliant and spontaneously fantastic
The Om Mani Padme Hum exemplifies the lasting connection of faith and wisdom. This exclusive mantra necklace can be utilized by anybody who desires to wear it as a silken jewel or a prayer adornment. Breathtakingly well-crafted details and spellbinding ornament exude brilliance on the neck. Get your very own Dhaula Giri Silver Prayer Box Necklace Pendant today!