Double Dragon Head Adjustable Silver Amulet Bracelet

The Dragon according to the animal spirit guide is the most ancient and powerful. The Asian art of Feng Shui associates the Dragon to authority, growth, fortune, luck, and development and for the Europeans, the dragon symbolizes the ability to be resilient in times of adversity and to clear the mind to achieve focus.

  • Dimensions: (width): (8mm)  (weight): 60.5
  • Classic mantra engraved amulet bangle design and style
  • Premium quality high-grade Thai silver metal coated and finely finished with high-end coating and finishing materials

Wear this dragon head amulet bracelet and have the good fortune to withstand trials and tragedies with a sound judgment brought by clear and unclouded visions of the future. Complement any of your trendy outfits with the vintage look of this bracelet that was crafted to fit in with any type of fashion style.