Eclat Flat Solid Silver Curb Luxury Bracelet

This magnificent chain bracelet features the Eclat Flat Curb chain style with oval shape and flattened sides. Lustrous Curb Chain is uniformly sized round or oval links that have been twisted and often diamond cut so that they lie flat along a surface.

  • It is made of premium sterling silver with a smooth and glossy finish.
  • The flawlessly textured bracelet offered sizes from 7.08"(18cm) to 9.05" (23cm) 
  • A secure double lock clasp for strong hold wearing

Popularized as Latin  Argentum in Europe, a brightest metallic element; even brighter than gold. Sterling Silver,92.5 percent silver, and 7.5 percent other precious metal,a strong and rare precious metal. Corrosion resistant unaffected by moisture, vegetable acids, or alkalis. A durable metal perfect for jewelry.

Be adventurous in fashion style and enhance your overall personality by spicing up your jewelry with this edgy and masculine chain bracelet!