El Mustacho Magnifico Wooden Bow Tie [18 Variants]

This mesmerizing premium bowtie is the perfect piece to wear for a weekend rodeo or a school taco event. Easily adjust your tie with its simple and convenient buckle at the back, ensuring a wrinkle free and worry free charming look.

Bow Tie Name:  Horus, which means god of the sky.
  • Tremendously faultless genuine crude wooden tie
  • Breathtakingly attractive and well made
  • Exclusive and not available in stores
We admire to see this handmade bow tie matched with suspenders and elegant leather shoes. This classically chic style is ideal for looking flawlessly crisp. The innovative technique combines modern technology and supreme artistry with exceptional workmanship creating a priceless piece of craft.

Soothe your mood with these LIMITED EDITION bow ties, the hardwood for your
manhood where every wood is good. FREE WORLDWIDE SHIPPING!