Elegant Crystal Negative Ion Magnetic Therapy Bracelet

Elegance and health protection has never been found in one piece of jewelry before. Today, you are about to witness a magnificent miracle of nature and design through our newest Elegant Crystal Negative Ion Magnetic Therapy Bracelet.

In these times of uncertainty, nobody knows who is sick, who is gonna survive, who is gonna live for another day, and who is gonna be a victim of bad luck.

There is only one thing certain. We need a weapon for protection, and we need it now. For this reason, our team of artisans and designers have collaborated in creating an additional defense we can wear to fight our invisible formidable enemy.

  • Size: 7.87" (20cm)
  • Comes with a FREE adjusting tool
  • Packed in a classy black gift box
  • Embedded with four immune-boosting stones
  • Embellished with shimmering butterfly crystals 

It seems like a battle that we cannot win. Fortunately, recent studies have proven that enhancing the negative ions on the air around us can help defeat airborne allergens like pollens, molds, including bacteria, and viruses.

Therefore, our newest design features one of the best negative-ion-emitting natural stones from Mother Nature: Tourmaline.

Along with three other beneficial and immune system boosting stones like germanium, bioenergetic magnets, and far-infrared, this bracelet can help fight invisible enemies.

Wear our bracelet now for instant additional protection!