Engraved Sterling Silver Buddhist Mantra Ring

Size Guide

This rotatable Engraved Sterling Silver Buddhist Mantra Ring embossed with the Great Six Words Mantra is the perfect everyday accessory to help you grow spiritually in the teachings of Buddha. Beautifully handcrafted using 925 Sterling Silver, this piece of jewelry is guaranteed to last long and look good forever with its scratch-resistant qualities. 

  • Durable
  • Can withstand daily wear and tear
  • Available in US sizes 8-13
  • Suits men and women
  • Rare & exclusive design
  • Rotatable Outer Ring Design
  • 100% Real 925 Sterling Silver

Our Engraved Sterling Silver Buddhist Mantra Ring features a rotatable outer ring where the mantra is engraved. As you rotate the outer ring, you may count or recite your chosen mantra. This ring is designed for spiritual uses which are further enhanced by the structural element of the accessory whilst providing an elegant touch for added style. This rotatable ring has a lightweight and comfortable feel. Grab this limited edition ring before stocks run out!